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Elektron Laser ZT

The Aeronaut Elektron Laser ZT is a compact high-performance laser cutter intended for cutting and Signs of diabetes in adolescents edge sealing textiles where a fast accelerating, high speed laser is required. Even though it is light in weight, Elektron Laser ZT is a heavy duty production machine capable of cutting in excess of 1 metre per second.

The Elektron Laser ZT carries lasers up to 100 watts power output and fits between the lighter and lower power Elektron Laser Z and the heavier dual gantry Aeronaut laser cutters. The Elektron Laser ZT has the light weight and small profile of a low-power laser with the output of a seriously high power laser.

Elektron Laser ZT

The Elektron Laser ZT carries a state-of-the-art, newly developed all-metal laser with integrated electronics in a remarkably small and good news musical light package. This has enabled Aeronaut to re-engineer the lightweight Elektron chassis to take this new range of lasers. From the beginning, the Elektron chassis has been designed to be as light and stiff as possible so it can span up to 6.5 metres so it is perfectly able to carry these new smaller, lighter types of laser which weigh little more than a blade cutting head.

The result is that the Elektron Laser ZT cutter has a brilliant combination of price and performance and an ability to cut all but the heaviest fabric at great speed and like any laser, can still cut heavier fabrics at a slower speed.

Since there is no contact with the fabric when laser cutting, plotting is fast and very reliable. Cut patterns release cleanly. Nesting margins can be less than a millimetre. The result is big cost savings in time and fabric. Laser power can be accurately controlled for marking, perforating or pinhole cutting.

Laser Cut Foils

The Elektron Laser ZT can be supplied with air or water cooled lasers from 60 to 100 watts and is fitted with a marker pen holder and efficient fume extraction. The metal sealed laser has a very low running cost with over 45,000 hours before re-gassing.

The Elektron Laser ZT is an industrial revolution. Small size, clean design, rational engineering, the best price-performance ratio. And the best price tag in the industry. There's a small demo video on the downloads page if you'd like a look.


  • Water & Air cooled CO2 Lasers
  • Quiet, efficient fume extraction
  • High torque rare earth motors standard.
  • Micrometer adjustable focus
  • Lightweight rigid chassis
  • High torque motors
  • Very simple construction
  • Universal Pen holder
  • Easy servicing
  • Compatible with most software & computers
  • Widely available spares
  • Rigid, low profile guide extrusions
  • Low-backlash Cat drive
  • Low cost marker pens
  • No inert gas required
  • Full safety interlocks
  • Available with and without vacuum table
  • 25mm wide drive belts throughout.
  • Quality Robotic cables running in energy chain
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Cutting widths up to 3m (118)
  • Cutting lengths up to 25m (82)


  • Very High Cut Speeds
  • High reliability
  • Variable output power
  • Simple setup
  • Very low running cost
  • Very low maintenance
  • "All-metal" laser
  • Water or Air cooled
  • Cut and seal
  • Perforate and mark
  • Accurate, smooth cutting
  • Affordable purchase price