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This page contains short video clips on a range of Aeronaut automated cutting systems and associated Aeronaut technology.

In most cases, these video clips show a small demonstration machine in the Aeronaut showroom. Working machines are normally much larger depending on the industry. Aeronaut manufactures machines to suit the market and the width of fabric in that market, up to 10 metres wide and over 40 metres in length.

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To see video clips on Aeronaut's SiliconEye Machine Vision, click on this link… SiliconEye Video Clips.

To see video clips on advanced autonesting with NestFab and nesting in queues with SiliconEye Machine Vision, click on this link… Advanced Autonesting Video Clips.

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If you'd like to see more of these videos and in better quality, please contact Aeronaut or your local distributor through the Request for Information menu and request a copy of the full Aeronaut DVD.

Aeronaut Automated Cutting Systems Overview

Elektron Laser ZT. High power, lightweight laser cutter

Window Furnishings, Blinds, Awnings and Shades

Aeronaut Elektron B1 Ultra. Ultrasonic Cutting and Edge Sealing

Aeronaut Elektron Mono LC cutting sailcloth.

Aeronaut Elektron Quattro cutting PVC.

Aeronaut Elektron Quattro Blindmaker.

Automated Fabric Feeding or Spreading

Cam-lock tooling

Aeronaut Elektron Laser Z.

Aeronaut Elektron Laser ZX.

Aeronaut Sample Maker.

Aeronaut Leather Cutting System.

20 Second Swatch Cutting